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November Full Moon in Taurus

Today, Thursday November 10th is the passionate and creative Taurus Full Moon and it is looking to be a doozy! Tomorrow the energies of 11/11/2011 will induce spiritual awakening and transformational dimensional shifts for many. It is a time for casting off that which is no longer serving us, to declare allegiance to our own personal growth and dedicate ourselves to our cosmic responsibilities. First comes the upheaval of evolution and change before we can stabilize, understand and harmonize.

We have the sun in Scorpio, the moon in Taurus and the energies of 11 coming together over the next few days bringing rash declarations, spur of the moment decisions, volcanic eruptions, spiritual awakenings, passionate realizations and deep convictions of our own stupendous importance in the grand scheme of things. This is the energy that can move mountains, transform lives and create new paradigms. This is a time of electric infinite potential and the dawning of the Illumination.

There are a number of things that you can do to help stablize and ground you through this tumultuous energy. Wear garnet, hematite or carnelian. Burn or use essential oil of sage, Nag Champa, sandlewood or lavender. Spend time out in nature, meditate on being a tree or strengthening your root chakra, exercise vigorously and connect with people that make you feel stable. You may also wish to combine any of the above with a warm salt bath. The most important thing is to breath, stay calm and maintain your equilibrium.

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