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And I Feel Fine

It’s the end of the world as we know it! Ready or not, we are moving into 2012 the year of transformation. Before moving into the New Year we say goodbye to 2011, the year of beginnings and endings. This has been a wondrous year for me as it has been for many others. 2011 marked a year of flux, shifting and change.

This was the year I started my blog (which I am so glad you are reading! thank you!) and really took on the mantle of my work as a Psychic and Medium. This was the year I saved my mother’s life, for which I am eternally grateful for having the support I needed to accomplish such a monumental task. This was the year I prioritized my love life again, hello boys! 2011 was a very good year and as we move forward into the Illumination I bid adieu to a year of preparation.

Thank you for your love! Thank you for your friendship! Thank you for your support! Thank you for making this such a fabulous year! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!


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