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Full Moon Eclipse

Today is a busy day, the moon is full and there is an eclipse. This Full Moon being the Gemini Moon is about communication, attitude, and our sense of adventure. With the eclipse adding extra tension to the energies it should be an excellent opportunity to allow a culmination of events or a fruitful ending or a change of circumstance.

A lunar eclipse occurs when the sun and moon are in opposition to one another. Lunar eclipses often influence relationships because of the polarity between the sun and moon. Use this lunar eclipse, the last full lunar eclipse for a number of years, to be a catalyst from which dramatic changes can be created within and throughout your relationships.

Today is a great day for putting all your cards on the table, opening up lines of communication, resolving long held conflicts and bringing an end to negativity. The Full Moon is always a time of purging, a time of finishing, a time of release. The eclipse energy heightens this and strengthens the finality of resolutions previously held somewhat lightly. These next few days should be full of change, shifting, transformation.


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