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It takes Time

No matter whether your healing is spiritual, emotional or physical; all healing takes time. This can be the most frustrating part of the process. The waiting to feel better. Resting your physical body. Soothing your emotional wounds. Finding solace for your spirit. Allowing yourself time to heal.

It may feel like it is taking forever to get over that broken relationship. You may want to rush through those flu symptoms and get back to work. Jumping into an intensive 4 day spiritual retreat with detox & fasting may seem like the way to find your connection to the divine. But time is the key to healing and growing.

Celebrate the small steps. The divorce may not be complete but you did file the paperwork. You may not be in a place for a new love but you did get a new bed. Perhaps full steam isn’t the right gear but you can ease back into your routine. The timing may not be right for a committed relationship but you did cover up that tattoo inspired by an old flame. There may not yet be a congregation for you to inspire but you signed up for ministry school. You may not be ready to leave your wife but you are starting to think about what it would entail.

All these little steps mean something. We are on a journey and the destination is the afterlife. Don’t hurry your time here. Let yourself move through your life at your own pace. Healing will come. You will find peace. Love is waiting for you. You are right where you are supposed to be. It just takes time. If you rush, you just might miss something important.


One Response to “It takes Time”

  1. 1 lalique . says:

    Dont try to rush back into activities because although you may not feel it now, it will come back to haunt you in the future.