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February Full Moon in Leo

Tomorrow 2/7/12 is the full moon which will rise in Leo in all it’s glory counterpart to the Aquarian Sun. This full moon enhances feelings of individuality, creativity, pride and self worth while the ruling sun encourages selfless acts, group dynamics and humanitarianism. We focus on ourselves for the betterment of all. There is a desire to contribute to the cosmos but first we have to clear out some of our emotional debris. You have to heal yourself so that you may better help others heal.

There is a lot of contradiction in this moon. We may have a hard time reconciling what we want and what we need. There can be a tendency to view a particular situation from two distinct angles bringing confusion and doubt. Do we really know what we want? Are we simply rationalizing in an attempt to live up to some ideal? Are we clear about how we feel? Are you certain of your true motivations or is your judgment being clouded in some way? Are your heart and mind of differing opinions?

You emotions may be suspect at this time and difficult to understand. The full moon is a very emotional time and you may find yourself confused about how you feel. Don’t be to quick to judge any particular situation, your emotional responses are being influenced by Leo’s need to release and roar. Emotional venting and release is healthy but keep in mind that this is not a rational influence. Don’t make any hasty decisions especially regarding highly emotional topics. This influence can lead to outbursts and misunderstandings if you are not paying attention. Be gentle with each other.

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