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February’s New Moon in Pisces

Today Tuesday, February 21st is the New Moon in Pisces, a magical mystical time for creating a new reality and shifting your paradigm through your creative process. The positive energies of the Fish include taking a leap of faith, accepting imperfections, beginning new projects that require imagination and sharing your dreams with another. This can also be a time when we may find many old issues and thought patterns coming to the forefront of our consciousness so that we can deal with them in new ways.

Take advantage of the creative energies that are bubbling around us today. Use the magic of new beginnings invigorate your evolution. Be inspired to shift directions and allow the fluidity of this water sign to give flexibility to your actions and your thoughts. Today is a day for finding joy in creation. Today is a day of inspiration and renewal. Today is a day of limitless possibilities. Allow for everything.



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