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Go With the Flow

Today as I walked in the area behind my home I came across a tree that is in the process of slowly coming unmoored from the earth and falling into the stream that flows below it. It was a perfectly fine tree, strong and tall. It had set it’s roots deep into the ground and grown for years between the woods and the water. It could have stood there for many more years providing shade and comfort for the woodland creatures. But things shifted, the water flowed and eroded the earth beneath it’s roots as the tree started to lose it’s footing. Each day the tree is a little less secure as it slowly and inevitably journeys into the water below. Soon it will exist solely for the creatures of the stream as it is forever lost to the woodland animals. No longer alive in the woods but still able to provide nourishment, lodging and comfort in a new setting and to a different group.

This is life, this is the wheel of ka and the cycle of renewal. We can’t be rooted in the past, in what might have been. We can’t cling to the ideas and notions of what we thought was going to happen, of where we thought we were going, of who we believed ourselves to be. Things shift and change, fluctuating and transforming before our very eyes. It’s crucial that we go with the flow, allow the new realities to come into being and embrace what IS instead of forever clinging to the past. Let go. Be in the moment. Be present. Allow. Embrace the evolution of your soul.

One Response to “Go With the Flow”

  1. 1 mandy main says:

    Thank you! Beautiful.