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Going Retro

Yesterday Saturn turned retrograde and will stay in this reverse posture until June 25th. Saturn rules the psychological and physical aspects of our life. It’s in charge of the rules and regulations that we adhere to, the agreements that we make and the responsibilities and limitations that we have. It is about loyalty, form, shape, perseverance, endurance, duty and the substance of our lives. Saturn is where we set our boundaries, where we say YES and where we say NO.

As the retrograde period transits we are given space to re-assess and re-evaluate our lives, the agreements that we have made, the projects we have started and the commitments that we have agreed to. This is an excellent time for reviewing the progress of where we are, the status of our goals and make any necessary adjustments. Since Saturn turned retrograde in Libra the emphasis is in evaluating persona relationships and partnerships, this is the time to review the habits and patterns of your interpersonal exchanges.

Do you keep finding yourself dating the same type of person with the same disastrous results? Are you inexorably drawn into relationships that end up hurting you in the same way as the last one? Is there a pattern to your dating that leads to failure? Do you find yourself having the same argument with your current partner as you did with the last? Are you constantly let down by the people that are closest to you?

Saturn is prepared to support you in evaluating your actions, thought patterns and habits that contribute to limiting you in your commitments and relationships. Take a good look at how your choices, beliefs and actions create opportunity for misunderstandings, abuse and disharmony within your interactions with others. The energy of this transit is about making assessments, observing the patterns, determining our contribution and the deeply ingrained programing. This is a period of time for us to figure out how we orchestrate our own failures and defeats.

Be observant, be honest, be objective, take responsibility and ownership for yourself. There is no rush, don’t be hasty or jump to any conclusions too quickly as Saturn is making space for you to ease into it. Once you understand your impetus, once you can determine the WHY of your compulsions, once you can see the HOW of the construction of what doesn’t work then you can begin to make changes. You have to understand the pattern before you can shift it and Saturn is giving you the space and time to come to true understanding of yourself. Take advantage of what is being offered.


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