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Take a Leap

  Today is Leap Day and I think it is an excellent opportunity to celebrate the energy of spontaneity and fearlessness by doing something unexpected. Too often we let fear hold us back, fear of being different, of stepping outside of our comfort zone, of failure, of being hurt. Too many people are afraid to be themselves, afraid to experience something outside of their established patterns, afraid to stand up for themselves and what they want. Embrace the energy of this ‘extra day’ to step out of your norm and transcend your everyday, try something that you would normally avoid. Maybe it’s a new food, maybe it’s saying something you didn’t ever feel you had the courage to say, maybe it’s changing your routine in some small (or big) way or maybe it’s simply a new perspective on your life. However you choose to celebrate this day, a Very Merry Leap Day to you all!

One Response to “Take a Leap”

  1. 1 קידום סרט ביוטיוב says:

    bookmarked!!, I love your blog!