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The Fifth Agreement

All this past week I wrote on don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements, the first one here, second here, third here and the fourth here. A decade after publishing his book Ruiz put out a sequel The Fifth Agreement adding one more bit of wisdom for finding harmony in your life. The agreement is “Be skeptical, but learn to listen.” and is really a very powerful message.

The book is a great guide for how to be more authentically YOU and I think much of it can be summed up in the following passage:

Wherever you go around the world, you will hear all kinds of opinions and stories from other people. You will find great storytellers wanting to tell you what you should do with your life: “You should do this, you should do that, you should do whatever.” Don’t believe them. Be skeptical but learn to listen and then make your choices. Be responsible for every choice you make in your life. This is your life; it’s nobody else’s life, and you will find that it’s nobody else’s business what you do with your life.

Be you and be proud of who you are. Other people may have great advice for helping you accomplish your goals but ultimately you have to do what feels right for you. No one else lives your life. Just you. Pay attention to what people are telling you but take it all with a grain of salt. This includes the stories that we tell our selves. Our egos are more then happy to give an opinion or make an assessment that feeds the negative rather then empowering our true selves.

Be observant of your emotions, feelings and thoughts. But remember that some of these are stories that our ego is telling us to fulfill some prearranged agreement that is not serving us. Rather then listening to the voices that tend to ramble on in our heads, or come from those around us, listen to your heart. Your heart won’t speak in words, it speaks in emotions. Hold the thought, person, event in your heart and pay attention to how it makes you feel. This is how you know the truth without the ego twisting things out of perspective. This is how you connect with your true desires. This is how you can make decisions that empower you to be a truly happy you.




One Response to “The Fifth Agreement”

  1. 1 Joseph Anthony says:

    Thank you for another insightful post, Serafice. Learning to listen to my own feelings has been a challenging adventure—especially since I spent so much time either discounting them, suppressing them, medicating them with one thing or another, or giving them far too much power. Learning to walk a middle road is what I mean…That has been part of the challenge. And one thing that has been important for my journey is learning the difference between emotions and intuition. Sometimes my intuition slips in as a knowing—beyond feelings, if you will. Other times my body does the knowing and my hands know just where to go, or my feet lead me…Other times it’s clearly a thought—like the striking of a bell or a sudden beam of light. Other times it is more of an emotional—feelings type of experience. It’s a bit hard to explain. I am learning to think with my heart, body, and mind is really what I mean. My intuition speaks in many languages and tones. And when I am in my truth—living my heart’s desire—doing what I love, the better I am able to not only listen to that voice, but move with it, dance with it, live with it. Also, I love how you were sure to quote the part where Ruiz talks about us needing to be responsible for our own lives. That’s the key. I am no longer a victim. I am an adult (child of the Universe, that is)…and that makes me quite powerful, which of course, means quite responsible in how I speak, act, think, and feel. Thank you again, blessings on your day.