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The Fourth Agreement

All this week I have been writing on don Miguel Ruiz’ The Four Agreements and sharing what they mean to me. I covered the first agreement here, second here and third here. Today I want to talk about the last agreement which is “Always do your best” and is the key to succeeding with all the agreements and with finding true happiness.

Always doing your best eliminates the ability for anyone (especially that judgmental voice in your head) to make you feel badly about yourself, your actions and your life. All that is important is that you put your full energy and intent into being your best at all times. Not over doing it and hurting your self, not giving a half hearted attempt then feeling badly. You wont always be successful, some days will be easier then others. You just need to take each day as it comes and remember that what you were capable of yesterday may not be what you are capable of today. This is how you can eliminate doubt, guilt and frustration.

The fourth agreement is the most important agreement of all. Allowing for fluctuations in energy, emotions and stamina. Your best is not perfection, it is simply the best you can manage at that time. Understanding that you won’t be impeccable with your words every day.  You may take something personally every once in a while. You may not be successful in not making assumptions in all instances. And this is okay. Just keep trying. Being the best you that you can be. Every day.





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