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Fairy is as Fairy does

The frisky Fae seem to be doing their best to prevent me from sleeping at night. My fairy friends are never entirely well behaved but this time of year they get particularly rambunctious. As the trees start to bloom and the days begin to warm I find myself repeatedly woken in the middle of the night by giggles, tickles and the occasional jubilant pillow jumping.

I often tap into the fairy energy during a reiki treatment as many people respond to their joyous and carefree vibe. The nature of the fairy is curious, playful, mysterious, mischievous and of course magical. I also rely on the Fae to find things for me, their natural curiosity makes them excellent seekers. They also delight in moving my things around and reminding me that nothing is ever truly lost. And I can always count on them to lead me to the very best outdoor meditation spots.

All in all I suppose it is an even exchange. I lose out on a little sleep but I am also gifted with the presences of these mystical beings. They help me maintain my positive outlook, youthful energy and delight in the mysterious. And we all need a little (or maybe even a lot) of magic in our lives.


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