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Here We Go Again

Mercury is going retrograde today so expect some shake ups. The planet of communication will be effecting our information gathering as it appears to reverse it’s course until April 4th. This is a period of time that is notorious for misunderstanding, miscommunications and strange mixups to your routine. Don’t be alarmed if you find your ideas on the best course of action changing, your emotions shifting or your plans going awry. This is a time for introspection, inner reflection, contemplation and revising. Now is not the time to start or initiate or finalize anything. It’s about absorbing the information that will be presenting itself to you, collecting new perspectives and reviewing your understanding of things both mentally and emotionally. This is an excellent opportunity for shifting your stance, making adjustments to your plans or allowing for new perspectives on old situations. Are you sure you know how you feel? Could there be a shifting in your thought patterns allowing for new understanding? Do the plans you have really serve your purpose? Is there a better way for you to proceed to achieve your goals?


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