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New Moon in Aries

Today it is officially Spring a time of renewal, re-birth and fresh beginnings. Thursday the New Moon rises in the fiery sign of Aries encouraging heroic, revolutionary and assertive action. Since both Mars and Mercury are in retrograde this shifts the normally impetuous ram into a more introspective and practical stance. This moon can still support you in taking risks and being courageous in your decision making, just be sure to double, triple even quadruple check-in with how you are really feeling.



It is vital to not be hasty in your decision making and make sure you are certain of your feelings before moving into action. The energies of this week will be encouraging us to make bold moves, change our course and shift our stance just try to avoid being reactive or letting yourself be unduly influenced by emotional whims. The theme for the time being is one of uncertainty, upheaval, fluctuation and change. We are being encouraged to re-imagine our path, re-evaluate and allow ourselves to change our minds. It’s okay to shift your ideals and decide on a new goal; go ahead and take that big leap just take a moment to make sure you understand what you are getting into.


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