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Remembering the Moment

I get a lot of questions about being a psychic medium and how my gifts work. I have experienced clairaudience (hearing), clairvoyance (seeing) and clairsentience (feeling) from time to time but the most prevelant way I receive information is through claircognizance (knowing) and an interesting phenomenon where I ‘remember’ the information I am receiving.

As I receive psychic impressions they can often come to me in what feels like memories. For instance, I will not actually ‘see’ the figure of a ghost as depicted in the tv show the Ghost Whisperer or the movie the Sixth Sense, but I will suddenly have a memory of an apparition. Just as with the memories that I have of seeing my friends or family members, the ‘recolection’ of the spirit will include sometimes vague impressions of what they are wearing and doing as well as rather distinct features.

Think about the person that worked the register the last time you bought groceries. You can likely remember a few things about them (maybe the color of their shirt, their sex, a basic impressions of their physical features) but unless you have a photographic memory you will only recall generally what the person looked like. When I ‘see’ a  spirit it is very much like this. Sex, age, hair color, clothing and other general impressions will come to me but it is not like a clear, distinct picture of the person. Every now and then I may get a glimps of someone and have to wonder if they are alive or dead, but in general the images of the dead come to me indistinctly and are clearly distinguishable from the living.

As for impressions about events, circumstances and outcomes, these often come to me as fully developed ideas that will suddenly appear in my mind. Information can come to me at anytime but is often associated with me making some kind of connection though it doesn’t always have to be physical. For instance, as I watched The Voice on tv the other evening and listened to Adam Levine speak, I suddenly found myself with the ‘recollection’ of him holding a baby and the idea coalesced in my mind that he will be a father sometime in the near future. The image and the idea kind of appeared in my head, fully formed and feels almost similar to the thought of “Didn’t I see somewhere, I can’t recall where but a picture of Adam Levine holding his new baby?”. And now you all get to share with me the fun part of waiting to see if my impression is at all accurate and just how soon it will come to be.




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