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Full Libra Moon

This Friday April 6th is the Full Moon in Libra. With the Sun in fiery Aries we find the energy of this moon about balance and compromise in our personal relationships and within ourselves. Libra represents ‘other’ as she is the giving, nurturing mother figure who offers of herself to those she loves. Aries represents ‘self’ the assertive leader that determines what is best for everyone and acts with determination.

The Moon in equalizing Libra has the energy of diplomacy and sharing but sometimes this can become the self-sacrifice and martyrdom. The Sun in boisterous Aries focuses on authenticity over tact and encourages independent action-oriented efforts however this can at times become an entirely self-involved energy that promotes acting as a bully. The Full Moon illuminates this conflict and encourages us to find balance between these opposite forces as well as within the energies themselves. 

We are challenged at this time to look at our closest relationships and make sure we are not leaning too far towards one extreme or the other. Are you being supportive or taken advantage of? Do you feel valued or dismissed? Have your actions been for the betterment of all or for selfish reasons? Is your selfishness justified in feeding your true spirit? Is your giving nature diminishing or nourishing your inner self?


One Response to “Full Libra Moon”

  1. 1 GeekandJock says:

    Oh wow – how does a Full Libra Moon affect a Libran?

    Is there anything special with that combo?

    I see you say it’s around balance and compromise in our personal relationships and within ourselves however is that strengthened or lessened by me being a Libra as well?

    Love to hear your thoughts.