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Recycle and Renew

On April 15, 2012 I gave a talk on Reincarnation to the congregation at Pebble Hill Community Church. It was an incredibly profound healing event for me and I am so grateful to have had such an opportunity. Standing in front of the welcoming community of this small interfaith church and discussing a topic of such importance to my life was quiet an experience. I was given a chance to share some of my personal experiences with soul retrieval as well as my perspective on the process as it has been described to me by my guides and teachers.

I discussed some of the basic on the phenomenon “… we are here on this planet to learn. We are here to evolve our spirit. We are here to experience life in the physical to facilitate the lessons necessary for that evolution into enlightenment.” and why a spirit would want to be in a human form.

“…  humans have hormones and brain chemicals and pheromones and impulses and needs and desires and instincts and all of this flavors and colors our experiences in a way that is uniquely human.

And lets not discount the truly human experience of interacting with another human. Looking at someone you love, seeing their love for you reflected back. The adrenaline rush of fighting with someone who really gets under your skin. Holding your baby and smelling that intoxicating new baby smell. Passionately touching your lover’s body. The heartbreak of unrequited love. The zing through your body as you hit your funny bone in just the right way. The grief of losing someone close to your heart. Laughing with your friends so hard that your tummy hurts. You can’t do that as a spirit. You can’t connect to another being in the same way and fashion as you can when you are in this physical form.

There are a million different lessons a being could come to learn and experience. Lessons dealing with violence, creativity, addiction, ecstasy, depression, loss, power struggles, slavery, joy, fear, love. The list is as endless as a human beings capacity to feel and experience. How lovely is that synchronicity?”

Sometimes people think that reincarnation is a punishment, you didn’t do it right so you are sent back to try again. The perspective that I have been given is that life on this planet, in these physical forms is a gift. Every opportunity that we have to be here, every moment that we get to experience life is a treasure. Wether your experience is traumatic or joyous, full of abundance or loss; your spirit is evolving. We chose to come to experience life in a uniquely human way so that our souls can become even greater. Recycling IS good for the soul!



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