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Taurus New Moon 2012

Saturday is the New Taurus Moon, a day for connecting with our world and being appreciative of the simple things. The energy of this moon asks us to honor and acknowledge our physical form and the world around us. Taurus speaks to our sensual side, not just our sexuality but the 5 senses that connect us to the earth. Smell the blooming trees, see the beauty of nature as she awakens into spring, enjoy a fine meal freshly prepared, listen to the birds as they sing the songs of rebirth and hug someone that you love.

The New Moon is a time for bringing our dreams into reality, manifesting, setting new goals and creating intentions. The vibration of the sign of Taurus is stable, practical, loving, and fruitful. This is a good time to start new projects or move in a different direction. It is also a great time for communicating new ideas, perspectives or suggesting changes. Just be mindful to not go too far too fast and to be mindful of your own abilities. It is particularly important to be aware of our limitations and not push ourselves beyond to a place of overdoing it. Move, shift, grow and change; but at your own pace.




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