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Warrior Weekend

This could turn out to be quiet a weekend for many of us. Mars is going stationary just before midnight as he prepares to move forward out of the retrograde period he has been in since late January. Over the weekend the themes and emotions ruled by the red planet will be heightened as we adjust to the new positioning. The aspects that will be emphasized over the next few days are: passion, emotional expression, ego trips, assertiveness, energy, independence, drive, courage, action, aggression, vitality, fears and leadership.

Be aware that people (including yourself) may be quick to anger, a little controlling and prone to volatile emotional outbursts. Take a moment of reflection before voicing any displeasure, frustration or trying to take control of a situation. Remember the astrological influences that people are experiencing before taking anything too personally. Stay out of stressful situations that might put an unnecessary strain on you.

You may experience a feeling that you must act, right now! Try channeling this energy into exercise or physical activity so it won’t get bottled up.  This will be an excellent weekend to tackle some laborious chore you have been meaning to get to. Or hiking the Appalachia trail. Or finally pull your bike out of storage. Be mindful that there will be a slight edge of mania in the air as Mars prepares to move forward again and just try to breathe through it and use it to your advantage if you can.



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