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Super Scorpio Full Moon

Saturday May 5th 2012 will be the Full Moon, rising in the sign of Scorpio and many people may be feeling the effects already. It’s not just a full moon, it’s a Super moon, when she is as close as she ever gets to the earth which will only increase the effects.

The energy of the Scorpion that will be on the rise this weekend is one of high emotions, deep passions and profound intuitions. This is a time when secrets come to light, when deeply held emotions bubble to the surface and when revelations startle at every turn.

Take a breath, prepare to be dazzled and surprised as new realities unfold. The energies of the moon will be encouraging deep soul searching and momentous discoveries but also easily hurt feelings. We will all be a little sensitive, a touch overly emotional and somewhat driven to passionate declarations. We may be quick to say something without thinking of how it will be taken and at the same time easily hurt by the things that other people say.

Over the next few days it is important to maintain as much objectivity as you can and not feel hurt or slighted by someone else’s words. It is important that we be kind to each other and mindful of the way we are speaking. We may find new paradigms, shifting perspective and changing ideas blooming to consciousness but we need to take a few moments to process through how best to communicate our newfound understandings in a loving way.


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