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Dark Gemini Moon

Today the New Moon goes dark in the sign of quixotic Gemini, fittingly for the second time this year. Always the twin, ever shifting and strongly resonating with the need for expression and communication. This second New Moon is more abrasive & agressive then the first and a time for caution and forethought in our words and responses as other astrological influences push at us.

The energy now is very intense, agitated and on edge; building as the week progresses and moving us into action & spontaneous eruptions. Many of us will be feeling a mounting pressure increasing and compelling us, pushing and shoving us into expression through the end of the week. This may present itself as aggression, agitation, nervous energy, passion or an ever increasing need to do, to start, to change, to act, to speak NOW. You may feel on edge, a strong sense of impending ‘something’ and an air of expectation that will only intensify as the week progresses.

As Gemini is the sign of communication many will likely feel compelled to vocalize & vent, rant & rave in an attempt to relieve some of the pressure. You may find it difficult to sleep and the desire for creative expression may become overwhelming. Remember that the Gemini is also emotional, superficial and quick to change it’s mind so what you find yourself saying, feeling, doing today may very well be a momentary expression and not your true belief. Take care in your words, be cautious of the declarations you make this week and try to take a moment to make sure of what you are feeling before expression yourself to others.

This is an excellent time for projects around the home, nesting and organizing. Utilize the energies of this week to do some ‘spring cleaning’ in your home or office. Reorganize, redesign and shift things around for a fresh perspective and to bring a revitalization into your space. Channel all that creative energy and nervous tension into bringing order, beauty and flow into your space. Journal your thoughts, feeling and expressions for your own benefit before sharing them with others. Go for a walk, hike or bike ride to expel some of that energy in a productive way that also connects you to nature.


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