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Full Moon in Sagittarius

We have some interesting celestial events occurring this week which will lead to a very emotional time for many of us. Monday June 4th there will be a partial lunar eclipse at 6am EST just before the Full Moon peaks shortly after 7am EST. A Full Moon is generally a very powerfully emotional time and when you add in the intensity of the eclipse it creates an environment super charged and primed for turbulent outbursts.

The Sagittarius resonates with knowledge & understanding while the Gemini energy is one of expression & communication. The pull of the Full Moon will draw deep emotional reservoirs up to be processed & released during the next few days. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself compelled to talk about old wounds and deeply hidden traumas to allow for better understanding and ultimately closure.

You may find yourself prone to emotional outbursts and quickly shifting emotions. Be kind to one another and remember that the energies of this Full Moon are encouraging release so that we can process through old traumas and finally let them go. Try to find ways to allow the emotions out without negatively impacting others like journaling, working out or a good old fashioned cry fest. Also, try not to take it personally if someone in your vicinity succumbs to an outburst, they are doing the best they can. We are all being encouraged to express, emote and evolve.

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