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Venus Transits the Sun

Tonight June 5th 2012 from roughly 6pm until midnight EST the planet Venus will transit the Sun in an astrological event that bookends the transit in June of 2004. Once a century or so our sister planet makes 2 passes in front of the Sun (from our vantage point on Earth) which has historically heralded an awakening or revolutionary shifts here on our planet. Many astrological sages are predicting a continued surge in international and domestic unrest in the months to come as well as financial turbulence.

Venus is the Goddess, the Divine Feminine and resonates strongly the themes of romance, love, intimacy, reciprocal energy (giving & receiving), self-worth, creativity and prosperity. She empowers, she gives, she protects, she balances and she inspires. Expect these facet of your life to be highlighted as the Lady of Love strolls across the Fields of Fire bringing with her illumination & revolution.

Since Venus is retrograde you may find yourself revising, renewing, restructuring or reflecting on your relationships. This is a time when secrets come to light, when whispers & mumbles become shouts & forceful declarations. Now is the time when “I’m not sure” shifts to “I KNOW” and uncertainty fades. You may finally come to a decision or firm understanding about a particular situation or relationship and find yourself compelled to communicate your stand enthusiastically.

Also remember that Venus is the planet of manifestation & creation, of success & abundance and of power & support. She seeks gratification, achievement, pleasure and fulfillment. Now is a great time to start a project, move forward with an idea or begin something new. You may be feeling your creative energy bubbling to the surface and demanding to be expressed.

Our sister Venus is keenly attuned to grace, beauty and the delights of the senses. She also is focused on fairness, balance and living with an open heart. Celebrate the beauty in your life, make something wonderful, express your love without hesitation, open yourself to a new adventure and follow her lead to Dance in the Light proud and without fear!

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