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Full Capricorn Moon

Tomorrow July 3rd 2012 is the Full Moon in Capricorn which rises opposing the Sun in Cancer. Full Moons are always about illuminating different areas of our life so that we may find balance. This cycle focuses on conditioning or programming that we are ready to shed ourselves of as the moon sheds her full glow.

The general tone of this moon is one of freedom and escape from something that feels binding or inhibiting. The theme is one that revolves around our interpersonal interactions and how best to express, engage and relate. Capricorn is a sign focused on public life, career and reputation while Cancer represents private life, domesticity and the need to be nurtured. The sea-goat is focused on rewards vs punishments and achievements while the crab seeks love, reassurance and emotional connection.

The balance of this Full Moon is focused on our own internal needs versus the dynamics that have been established in our interactions with others. Many may have been feeling something building (a dissatisfaction with the pattern of how things have been organized) and now is the time when the energy of the Moon is supporting us in making changes and shifting those patterns. It is a time when we seek Independence from restrictive or destructive cycles, when we seek new ways of connecting with our families and search for more supportive dynamics within all of our interactions.

As with many Full Moons we are inclined to feel overly emotional and it is the perfect time for meditation, reflection and consciousness in our communications. Don’t be afraid to express your dissatisfaction with the norm or to reflect on how you might better engage. Just remember to be mindful and aware in your interactions, spend some time allowing your thoughts to coalesce and fully develop to ensure your expressing exactly how you feel and not succumbing to the heightened emotional energies of this time. Allow the moon to support you in making the changes in your life to create balance, happiness and fulfillment.


One Response to “Full Capricorn Moon”

  1. 1 psychic readings says:

    Thanks for sharing! I find full moons difficult since they make me emotional, so I tend to use them for cosmic ordering. Thanks for explaining what this one is about! Go capricorns!