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New Moon in Cancer

Just after midnight on July 19th 2012 the New Moon will stand in Cancer bringing the aspects of the crab strongly into our lives. The New Moon is a time of action, manifestation and creation as the Moon and the Sun inhabit the same sign and bring strong energies that influence our emotions, thoughts and lives.

Cancer is all about protection, security and safety so many will be feeling that the urge to batten down the hatches and withdraw. This is an excellent time to shift your focus onto your home life, family and your personal goals. The watery Cancer is a sign deeply connected to mother and feminine energies so take the opportunity to bond with the wonderful women in your life as well as nurture your inner goddess. The Crab will encourage introspection and a review of your life and give supporting energy to creating a nurturing foundation for further growth and development.

This is a great time to make assessments on your plans, purpose and goals. Are you where you want to be? Is it time to shift your actions? Are you getting what you need, want or expect? Might a change create better results? How much have you accomplished and are you ready for the next phase? This is a great time to review your progress so you can re-assess, re-align, re-adjust and re-focus.

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