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Watch Out!

We are heading into quiet a weekend. Today is Friday the 13th, a day steeped in magic and mystery. Early this morning Uranus went retrograde highlighting the themes of the metaphysical, surprises, eclecticism, independence and secrets revealed. Tomorrow 07/14/2012 Mercury goes retrograde bringing up themes of communications, understanding & personal interactions. And to add to the fun, the sun has thrown-up a large bolt of cosmic solar energy that is expected to bombard our little planet over the next few days with supercharged energy.

So, what does this mean for you? Pay attention to things both big and small. Expect the unexpected. Double, triple even quadruple check your understandings of circumstances, situations and others. Don’t take anything for granted, even your own thoughts & feelings. Embrace the magic. This could be an exciting time for many of us, steeped in a feeling of rushing probabilities and quickening possibilities and infinite realities. The world really is your oyster, if you let it. Anything really is possible, especially if you can allow yourself to relax and enjoy the thrill of serendipity.

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