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Blue Moon in Pisces


This Friday August 31, 2012 we have our second full moon in the calendar month making it a Blue Moon and it will rise in the sign of Pisces with the Sun in Virgo to balance. I wrote about the opposing energies of the Water Bearer and the Fish here but as this is a Blue Moon the energies will be more intense and heightened.

The Blue Moon is one wrapped in magic and thought to be highly auspicious. They only happen once  about every 2 years and are associated with mystic ideas, eclecticism, thinking outside the box, the extra-ordinary and the sublime. Creation is a big theme for this moon as is enhancing your spiritual connections which are often the same thing. This is an excellent time to pour yourself into something expressive and explore a new way of understanding yourself and how you inform your reality. There is a darker side to these energies to be aware of too as they can create an environment ripe for airing grievances and releasing pent up emotions. As long as this is done with awareness and conscious communication this can be a wonderful opportunity to release.

The theme is ‘Let it All Hang Out’ in all senses of the phrase. Being adventurous & open, verbalizing & vocalizing our emotions, shifting perspectives to create an entirely new way of interacting, letting go of inhibitions, feeling inspired to re-start a long stalled project, exploring alternate modes of being. These are all ways that the Blue Moon will be influencing us over this long Holiday Weekend.


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