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Leo New Moon

Friday August 17, 2012 the New Moon of Leo heightens sexuality, creativity and brings an opportunity to explore new avenues for growth and achievement. Every Dark of the Moon provides a supportive energy for starting new project, changing dynamics and embracing fresh perspectives.

The mighty fiery Leo vibrates pride, individuality, charisma and sensuality. The energies of this New Moon are strongly connected with both the Sacral chakra (creativity & sexuality) and Solar Plexus chakra (will power & character) and are encouraging self expression. Are you following your heart? Is there something that you are passionate about that you can put more energy into? What are the ways in which you are welcoming expression into your life?

Many may be feeling more frisky and flirty then usual and this energy can help us express ourselves in a more open way. Now is a great time to create something new, find an outlet for our emotions & thoughts, expand our visions of the future and reconnect with the joy in our life. Be adventurous & open, let loose to explore something new, throw out your fear and venture into unknown territory, challenge the status quo and embrace serendipity.

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