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The Spirits are Inn at the Shanley

This past weekend Team VIPP conducted our first paranormal investigation together and it was a great success! We were at the Shanley Hotel in beautiful Napanoch, NY which is steeped in history and renowned as a great spot for spirit activity. If you are looking for a fun and interesting adventure, I would highly recommend a night at the Shanley!

Our team had a wonderful experience and it was great to see how our individual talents blended together. I spent most of our time there in a bit of a fog, slightly disconnected from my body while processing through all the information that was coming to me and adjusting to the energies. Crystal had a great time tuning into the emotional energies that lingered using her empathic abilities. She also found a neat tool in an app that allows for very direct interaction with spirit and had fun using her gifts to help facilitate some interesting interactions. Bear was a great help as he is a font of historical details and effective techniques for connecting with spirit. He and I also found ourselves creating a strong psychic bond and validating each others impressions quiet a bit. Mike was our ever logical and practical tech hound who made sure we had food, drink, batteries, a chair to sit in and plenty of support. And let’s not forget our beloved Associate Team Member Dan aka ‘Drty Brd’ who as a regular at the Shanley was able to share numerous past phenomena and validate much of what was experienced by our team. Dan was also an integral part of an illuminating experience facilitated by Crystal and her gifts.

At some point soon, once all the evidence is sorted out, we will be writing out in detail our experiences and the data that was collected so that we can share it with you. Also, we will be discussing the investigation at length on the Visions Into the Past Paranormal Radio show on September, 24 2012 with the owner Sal as our special guest which I will remind you of closer to the date. All in all, it was a great first investigation and we look forward to many many more!


One Response to “The Spirits are Inn at the Shanley”

  1. 1 Darfi says:

    Stayed there couple mths ago herinag it was haunted, but had no specifics.We filmed our room 309 while out dining just for curiousity. wasnt until we got home watched video and a little apparition of a boy appears n plays with our belongings for 12 mins straight. After seeing that footage we investigated history on internet and heard all about a boy and how there are alot of accounts of him roaming the halls of 2nd n 3rd floor and how he supposedly resides in 309 the most but also 312!Creepy