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Fiery Harmonizing Transformation

Saturday September 29, 2012  the Aries Full Moon will rise countering the Sun in Libra as the Planet Uranus snuggles in besides us closer to Earth then any other day this year. This is an electric combination with the high emotionality of the Full Moon combined with the energies of action oriented Aries, balance seeking Libra and electrified by the transformative and unusual Uranus.

This weekend it’s all about change, growth and evolution in our emotional state and our emotions. Surprises, shocks and invigorating discoveries are in order for many of us. I wrote about the need for balance in the Aries/Libra axis here which will only be intensified by the powerfully evolutionary Uranus energy beaming at us in full strength. Transformation, culmination and volatility are the themes for the next few days and I would suggest meditations on being open, fluid and allow for whatever fabulosity is about to occur to do so with vigor!


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