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No End in Sight

There is a lot of speculation about what will happen on Friday December 21, 2012 and I thought I would throw in my two sense. I cannot get a straight answer out of my guides about what exactly will be happening but they do assure me that there is no impending catastrophe of epic proportions. They have also divulged that there will not be any mass ascension or world wide shift into a utopian nirvana. Friday is no end of the world apocalyptic doomsday, it is merely a transition point in our journey through the cosmos. We are being offered a chance to make changes in our lives to bring ourselves into a stronger alignment with our inner spiritual being & our purpose.

The universal energies are high and many of us are feeling the tension as our planet aligns with the center of our Galaxy. We are coming to the end of one Age and the beginning of a new one. Transitions are always difficult as the status quo shifts and newness unfolds for us to explore. Many of us are feeling compelled to make shift in our lives as we find ourselves responding to the greater cosmic activities. We are being asked to bring forward our better selves, to release our negative programing and move forward with a stronger alignment to a higher purpose.

Friday the sun will come up and the clouds will pass over head and the day will progress as so many have before it. The sun will set and the day will be followed as it always has by Saturday. There is however an opportunity to tap into the higher vibrations and shift your own life into a more positive direction should you chose to. The universe will support you in finding change & revolution should you desire. Are there patterns that you would like to break? How can you tap into the energy of transition & shift your life into a more fulfilling direction? There is a vast reservoir of potential that you can access to power your life forward, are you ready to accept the challenge of change? Not an end, merely an opportunity for a fresh start or perhaps a course correction on the path you are already traversing.






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