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Talking Tarot

I love my Tarot cards and the way they talk to me. More and more when I am doing a reading I am so wrapped up in listening to what the cards are saying to me, I completely forget what the historical meaning of the card is. There are two ways to read the Tarot cards; traditionally using the ancient meaning of each of the cards & intuitively allowing the individual cards to communicate the meaning for that particular draw.

For me, the cards speak very loudly and clearly the message they wish to convey which may or may not correspond to the ‘traditional meaning’. That’s why it’s so difficult for me when someone asks what a particular card means. It’s like trying to define a pixel when you need to see what it’s relationship to the other pixel’s are to define the picture. Each card is a part of the message but the whole is the meaning.

Take the Death card for instance. It’s definition is one of Transition or Change. But I have had it also speak of flexibility, appreciation, divorce, purchasing, creation and once it showed me that the person I was reading for had a phobia. In almost every case the other cards in the draw effected the ‘meaning’ and had to be taken into account when determining the message. It’s one of the things I love about reading the Tarot, the possibilities are endless & infinite.


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  1. 1 Uncle Bear says:

    Thanks for sharing! Keep up the great work! LOVE YOU