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January Full Leo Moon

Saturday January 26, 2013 the Full Leo Moon rises late in the evening balanced by the Sun in Aquarius. The Full Moon offers an opportunity to find balance and grace through countering the influences of the action oriented Sun energy and the emotionally tinged Moon energy.

The fiery influence of the Leo Moon brings out our desire for expression and declaration while the objective influences of the Sun in Aquarius boosts our need to support humanity as a whole. We can feel overwhelmed by the pull to focus on our inner emotional welfare and the drive to contribute to our community at large. It is important to find the state of grace where you can feel your personal needs are being met while also maintaining the obligations of your family, your friends and society.

This is a great weekend to visit with friends, connect with family, contribute socially and find our inner selves nourished by our interactions with others. Be sure to also set aside time for a nice salt bath and a meditation after all the socializing. Feed your dualing needs this weekend and create focus for both your worlds, the inner and the outer.

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