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New Capricorn Moon

Friday January 10th 2013 the Dark Moon will rise in Capricorn, the sign of the sea-goat. This is a the first New Moon of 2013 and a great opportunity to begin a project, sign contracts, start a new relationship or initiate new routines.

The cardinal sign of the sea-goat is one of stability and organization, providing a supportive energy for beginnings. The Capricorn vibrates strongly with the energy of tenaciousness, resourcefulness and ambition. Take some time to consider how you can positively incorporate these qualities into your lives. The stability of this earthy sign will make us feel more realistic and practical in our interactions. The objectivity can allow for more self discovery and assessment without volatile emotional influence.

Have you established goals for the New Year? How might you organize your calendar to effectively balance your schedule? Who are the resources you can tap to help accomplish your goals? What areas of your life need more attention? Where are you finding your joy? Why are you struggling?



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