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February Full Moon in Virgo

Monday February 25, 2013 dawns the Virgo Full MOON balanced by the Sun in Pisces. This wintery MOON is one of mystery and magic, insights and inspirations, fantasy and vision. The maiden supports the dreamer in making reality out of wishes.

This lunar energy is inspiring us to dream big and be limitless in our imagining. Anything is possible, everything is probable. This is a time to let ourselves feel free to wish our grandest wishes, to let our fantasies be as epic as they can be. If you knew you couldn’t fail, what would you do? If you could be anything, what would you want to be? Let your dreams be as big as they can and allow the mysitcal MOON to inspire your imagining.

Spend some time focusing on your goals without limiting your vision. See yourself achieving the improbable. Imagine your success in the grandest ways possible. Make a list of all you want and desire without boundaries. Envision as much as you have ever wanted coming to pass. The first step in manifesting is imaging. Let this MOON support your vision of your future success. Be open to the possibilities of dreaming.



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