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March Full Moon in Libra

Tomorrow morning Wednesday March 27th, 2013 the Full Moon will rise in Libra offset by the Sun in Aries. This is a time of high emotions & inner feelings revealing themselves illuminated by the luminous lunation. The Full Moon brings an opportunity for finding balance in your life & this moon particularly highlights your relationships.

Libra seeks harmony, beauty, peace and strong connections with others. The fiery Aries desires adventure, excitement and is independent & somewhat selfish. We may feel conflicted in our interpersonal relationships & swept up by our emotions as we teeter between the needs of self & the needs of others. Try to remain as objective of others (and yourself) as you can & try not to be to hasty in your decisions.

There are other cosmic influences in the mix at this time as well. Venus is fired up by the Sun bringing our romantic life strongly front & center. Jupiter is in such a place to make us question our motivations, personal beliefs & relationships. Uranus & Mars are also highlighted encouraging impulsiveness in our actions & creating an ideal environment for surprising shifts or changes. This Full Moon is clearly a time to be as level headed & thoughtful in your actions & interactions as you possibly can.








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