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Pisces New Moon

Tonight Monday March 11th, 2013 the New Moon will rise in Pisces awashing us all in it’s dark mysterious light. The New Moon is always a time of beginnings & initiations; a time when we can shout out our dreams & have the support of the cosmos to envision them into reality. With the Piscian influence (visionary, artistic, compassionate & intuitive) we have a great opportunity to find new ways to solve old problems, create new projects & see our way clearly towards our goals.

Take advantage of the creative energies that are bubbling around us today. Use the magic of new beginnings to heal your ancient wounds & invigorate your evolution & accomplish your goals. Be inspired to shift directions & allow the fluidity of this water sign to give flexibility to your actions & your thoughts.

Today is a day to take joy in our creation & our expression. Today is a day of inspiration & renewal. Today is a day of limitless possibilities & unfettered dreams.

Allow for anything.


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