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Aries New Moon

Tomorrow Wednesday April 10, 2013 the New Moon in Aries will rise bringing a LoveisintheAirvibrancy & intensity to our relationships & interactions. While the Dark of the Moon is not usually a time of high or volatile emotion, the fact that the Moon, Venus, Mars & the Sun are all snuggled together in fiery Aries will encourage a heightened sense of romance, passion and drama for many of us.

It will be a day of deep connections, rekindled romances, long lost loves & sparkling new flirtations. It will also be a time for sorting out your differences, airing your grievances and working through your issues with verve & nerve. Don’t be afraid to make your intentions known, declare your interest, fall deeply in love or invest yourself fully. It isn’t a day for hesitation, half-assedness or fear; it’s a day for playful come on’s, passionate expressions, honest revelations & soulful embraces.


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