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May Full Moon Eclipse

The eclipse season is upon us! In the early hours of Saturday May 25th, 2013 we will be graced with a Full Moon in Sagittarius counter balanced & briefly eclipsed by the Sun in Gemini. It is a time for reflection, a time for change & a time for rebirth.

The coquet Gemini energy encourages communication, connection and courageousness. The archer Sagittarius favors action, adventure and articulation. These two signs reflect the dynamic of understanding by mirroring the mental (gemini) process of analysis & the intuitive (sagittarius) process of knowing. The effect of the eclipse is to direct the energy internally for self discovery, to bring about greater awareness of your motivations & desires as well as how you might best act to achieve your goals.

This weekend will be filled with sudden realizations and heartfelt declarations, dramatic turns & dynamic shifts, intuitive leaps & intellectual understandings. The time is ripe for a change in the way you think about yourself & a shift in the way you interact with the universe. It’s an incredible opportunity for evolution towards a happy, balanced, more prosperous you.


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