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May New Moon Solar Eclipse

On the evening of Thursday May 9th, 2013 at 8:29pm EDT we will experience a Solar Eclipse during the New Moon in Taurus & even if we can’t observe the phenomenon the alignment will have a powerful effect. The Dark of the Moon always brings about an opportunity for change & new beginnings but the eclipse magnifies this potential. The Sun represents our outer, social persona while the Moon represents our private, internal selves. The eclipse offers a ‘reset’ of priorities & realignment of objectives & goals to better reflect our true desires.

The energy of Taurus is one of sensuality, prosperity, dependability, determination & stability. The theme’s you may find coming up are feelings of self-worth, a search for security, fear of change, material wealth & success. This is a really great time to evaluate your goals & take a closer look at what motivates you. Manifestation is driven by emotion & understanding what it really is you want will make success easier to achieve.

What is the emotional resonance that you are looking for? Are you searching for validation in that promotion or is it more about the stability that comes with the raise? Does that new car represent freedom to you or is it about status? Do you seek excitement through sensual experiences or is your true motivation love? Will that new career feed your soul or fill your belly? Is it safety that you need or freedom? How do you define success? What is it you are truly dreaming of?



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