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June New Moon in Gemini

Tomorrow Saturday, June 8th 2013 we will experience the New Moon in the airy sign of Gemini. The Dark of the Moon is a time for new beginnings, initiations and fresh starts. This is a great weekend for re-organinzing, spring cleaning & getting rid of clutter around your house, in your office or throughout your life.

As quixotic Gemini is the sign of articulation & expression the New Moon can provide us an opportunity to evaluate the way that we use these vital skills. Remember that communication is as much about receiving as it is about transmitting. Are you truly listening or simply assuming? Do you pay attention to your word choices? Have you fallen into a rut using the same words & expressions that might be limiting your perceptions as well as inhibiting other peoples understanding of you? When was the last time you used a Thesaurus?



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