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Super Duper Full Moon

This Sunday, June 23 2013 in the early morning the Full Moon in action oriented Capricorn will bloom opposite the Sun in relationship minded Cancer & this lunar event could prove to be a powerful catalyst for many. The Moon will be at perigee (closest to Earth), and syzygy (in alignment with the Sun) with the added boost of being within the shadow of the Summer Solstice making it a Super Duper Full Moon!

Are you waiting for someone to come to your rescue? (It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s an emotionally available singleton!) Do you wish for someone to sweep you off your feet & make you feel complete? Have you found yourself having the same kind of dysfunctional relationships time after time while always hoping the next one will be different? Can your friendships add just as much drama as those depicted on the big screen? Or perhaps the dynamic with your partner is falling into a routine of ennui & dissatisfaction that you wish could be reversed?

Consider this: a belief is merely a often repeated thought. Think the same thing enough times & it becomes a belief. Believe something long enough & it becomes your reality. You have the ability to shift your relationships with others by shifting your thought patterns. Your reality is shaped by those things you think most often.

Is there a role that you find yourself taking on repeatedly? (No one could ever love me…) How does the role you take (I can Teach them be a better person…) & the beliefs you have about yourself (People are only interested in my looks…) contribute to your interactions with others? (Everyone thinks I am weird so why bother) What is the thought you find flitting through your head every time you look in the mirror? (I’m fat… I hate my nose… My boobs are too small…)

The energy of this powerful moon is perfect for being your own super hero & saving yourself from old paradigms. Your superpower is your ability to change your reality & engage in the kind of relationships you have always sought. You have the magnetic capacity to influence those around you & cultivate loving, nourishing relationships. All through shifting the way you think & making adjustments to the thoughts found most often running through your mind.

I love myself.. I am thankful that I am not like other people… I am grateful my body is strong & supports me throughout the day… I enjoy being unique… I respect other people’s opinions even when they disagree with me… I am deserving of love… I appreciate the opportunity to practice patience… I understand it is not my job to fix or heal other people… I am excited to see the changes in my body as it becomes healthier ever day… The most important person in my life is ME.

If you can’t find your way to love, try being grateful. If you don’t appreciate something about yourself, try focusing on another perspective in how it does serve you. If you find pride a hard thing to come by, try appreciation. You don’t have to take monumental leaps in how you think, small changes have great effects. You can be your own hero & rescue yourself from the thought patterns that are trapping you in unsatisfying relationships just by making subtle shifts in the way you think everyday.

If you are inspired to find change, create new paradigms & move in new directions but are unsure of where to start, consider my Life Coaching services. I will be your trusty side-kick, supporting you in finding success & fighting dastardly self-sabotage! You don’t have to go it alone. Using my gifts & life experiences I can help you figure out the best path towards accomplishing your goals, give you encouragement & guide you towards finding that which you seek.



2 Responses to “Super Duper Full Moon”

  1. 1 Annw Marie says:

    Beautiful….Thank you xx

  2. 2 L@dyBug says:

    OMG THAT moon was soooo full and bright over the Paris “night” sky — I put in quotes because at 11pm there is still light … I knew it was the solstice and that somehow THAT moon was more special than others… I stood in my beautiful, screen-less french-door window and prayed out loud, maybe for the first-time in a looog time a prayer that was not a plea for deliverance but a conversation of thanksgiving and asking for guidance, not in a panicked way … but for God to please set me on the right path, put the right places and people on it and open my senses (all of them) so that I can perceive (not just see).

    I will have to re-read this post several times to absorb it … but there is nothing but truth in it for me (yep, it’s all about me)…

    Love you 100% full!