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July Dog Day New Moon

Today July 8, 2013 is a New Moon in loving Cancer, the sign of home & family. The Dark of the Moon is always a good time for beginnings, new projects, starting something & being productive… but who feels like it! It’s a hot, lazy summer day. A dog day. Maybe even a whole week of dog days!

swimming-dogEveryone needs a break now & then. This business of finding fulfillment can be exhausting! Don’t feel bad if you are feeling unmotivated or uninspired in your search for happiness. Take some time to be lazy, unwind and let yourself enjoy some down time. You can get back to working through your issues, discovering your inner joy & being a better person later. Now, today, try hitting the pause button & just BE for a little while without guilt. There is nothing like taking a break to renew, refresh & rejuvenate so you can better accomplish whatever it is you are working towards.

Once you are ready to get back to focusing on your goals, consider my Life Coaching services. Using my gifts & experience I can help you figure out the best path towards overcoming obstacles, support you with encouragement, offer new perspectives for accomplishing your objective & guide you towards finding whatever it is that you seek. Or simply give you permission to take a break to recoup & relax!



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