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July Full Moon in Aquarius

Today, Monday July 22, 2013, the Full Moon rises in the sign of eccentric Aquarius counter balanced by the Sun in masterful Leo. As those of you who read my blog on a regular basis know (a big THANK YOU for you that do!), the days surrounding the full moon are ripe for emotional outbursts, sudden discoveries & intuitive leaps. This is a time when the silvery light of the moon can spotlight new feelings, revelations & shifts in consciousness. Thanks to a cornucopia a cosmic events, this week could end up being intensely illuminating as well as inspirational.

We are currently under the auspice of a Grand Trine, a very fantasticle time for making our dreams come true. The three planets that have aligned themselves into a powerful synergistic pyramid of creation are Jupiter (planet of good luck & bounty, bringer of prosperity), Saturn (planet of structure & definition, provider of reality) & Neptune (planet of inspiration & dreams, conjurer of magic). The energy of this formation has the potential to inspire us to discover new ways to achieve even the most far fetched aspiration. Goals are more easily achieved with this trine as we are energized, organized & inspired.

To add to the mix of cosmic energy & encouraging us to speak our dreams into reality, Mercury (planet of communication & interaction) has just reversed out of it’s retrograde & glided into emotional Cancer. We will feel a strong compulsion to speak from the heart & it may be more difficult for us to be objective or rational. This heightens the sense that anything is possible & opens the door for communicating, thinking & problem solving in new & unique ways.

And then there is the mighty warrior Mars (planet of action) motivating us through a dance with the Grand Trine. First, Mars conjoins Jupiter filling us with boundless energy to fuel our desires. Next, the red planet trines to Neptune making us more inclined to act on our fantasies & dreams while giving our creativity a boost. Finally, Mars will trine Saturn highlighting our work & accomplishments so that we can see the results of our efforts, feel a sense of responsibility to our goals which will help us find our direction & purpose.

So, what does this smorgasbord of celestial events over the next few days mean for you? Imagination & inspiration, moon & trines, opportunities for creative problem solving & out of the box thinking… seems like a recipe for powerful manifestation & exploration. The universe is ready to support you in creating a better reality for yourself, and so am I! If you are needing some help shaping your dreams into reality, consider my Life Coaching services. Or, if you are looking for a better understanding of where you are & how to get where you want to go, get a Tarot reading with me. Call or email for details or to make an appointment. Using my gifts & talents along with the amazing cosmic energy of this week, anything is possible!


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