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August Full Moon of Dreams

The Full Moon in Aquarius blooms today, August 20, 2013 counter balanced by the Sun in Leo. Last year I wrote on the particular energies of this Moon here and remember; the more you can love & honor yourself (Leo) the more you have to help & support others (Aquarius). But there are some additional cosmic events influencing us during this potent time that I would like to share.


Right now is a time of dreaming, of inspiration, of creation & of preparation for manifesting. During the Full Moon we feel heightened emotions, sudden inspirations & outbursts of intuitions. We are more inclined to great leaps in understanding, intense declarations & to be compelled to simultaneously let go of the past while grasping onto the future. It can be a tumultuous time, it can be a time of magic, it can be a time of great kismet & of growth.

This week the intense lunar influences are bumped up to an even greater degree by two mighty planets. Uranus is known as the Awakener, emanating an intense energy that is eclectic, electric & ripe for evolution. Jupiter is known as the King of the Gods, associated with expansion, abundance & limitless possibilities. These two cosmic bodies will come into alignment today creating a powerful synergy for manifesting, dreaming & creative expression.

At this time don’t bother to quibble over details or mundane aspect of design, now is the time to dream as big & as expressively as you can. Don’t concern yourself with How or Where or When, just focus on allowing the universal energies to stir your dreams & cultivate rivers of inspiration. Try not to let yourself be bogged down with the practical or analytical reasons why something could or may not be possible. Let your mind free to wander unencumbered, to explore without limits or constraints & revel in the stream of creativity.


Later in the week both the Sun & Mercury will move into stable Virgo bringing a grounding to our thoughts, actions & ideas which will allow us to focus more on the mechanics of bringing our dreams into reality. But for now, let yourself be caught up in the divine energies of imagination & flights of fantasy. These next few days should be filled with potential, overflowing with dreams & bursting with inspiration. Let your self run wild in the cosmic energies. If you can dream it, it can happen!

If you are wanting to create something new in your life but are unsure where to start, consider my Life Coaching services. I can support you in tapping into your desires & bringing your dreams into reality. And as always, thank you for sharing & liking my blog!

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  1. 1 Trevon says:

    That’s what we’ve all been waiting for! Great ponstig!