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August New Moon in Leo

Later in the afternoon today, August 6th, 2013, the New Moon in Leo will rise providing new perspective & giving fresh opportunities. I wrote a post about the Lionesque New Moon here last year and noted some of the energies that you might be influenced by this week. The lion is strong, beautiful, proud, fierce, powerful and wonderfully lazy. Leo energy is also creative, authoritative, generous, active & warm. The cosmic influences now are perfect for supporting manifestation, the Lion shows us how we can be successful creators.

images-1 The first key to manifestation is KNOWING what you want. Be proud & true like the lion, understand yourself & your needs, desires & wishes. The lion knows what he wants & goes after it. Feel confident in your wanting. Proudly recognize that you deserve your hearts desire.

Roaring_Lion_by_HouseofChabrierThe second key to manifestation is ASKING. Be clear in what you want & that you are deserving, it will be provided. Send out your mighty lions roar into the universe & make your will conscious. Understand that you are the creator of your reality & all you have to do is ask. Let it be known & it will be done.

images-2The third key to manifestation is ALLOWING your will to take shape. So like the powerful lion…. lie in grass & relax. Ah, yes! The hardest part. Give your desires the space they need to come into being. Grant the time for inspiration to spark & shine a light onto success. Leave room for the path to achievement to be built. Have the confidence of a lion to take a nap & focus on something else while your will manifests.

The mechanics of manifestation can sometimes seem complicated & often can feel overwhelming, but we can really keep it simple. KNOW. ASK. ALLOW. There is a plethora of information available about creating, manifesting & shaping reality but it all boils down to simply understanding what you want, believing that you are worthy & then trusting that it is happening. Because it is! Just ask the Lord of the Jungle.

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