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New Moon in Virgo

Today September 5, 2013 the New Moon in Virgo rises as we start to move from summer into fall.  The Dark of the Moon is a time of reflection, release & revolution. I wrote about the particular Virgo influences at this time here but I wanted to focus on the upcoming Autumnal shift & how we might capitalize on the energies.

This New Virgo moon is a herald of the change from summer into fall & an (unofficial) start of harvest season. If we take a look at the harvesting process we can find some great cues for our own personal development. Farmers use this time to “separate the chaff from the wheat” so that they can prosper from the ‘bounty’ & get rid of the ‘unnecessary’. This is also when preparations for the next planting season are begun so that future momentum can be ensured.

As we gaze into the dark seemingly moonless sky tonight, it’s a good opportunity to ‘take stock’ of our lives, our relationships & our dreams. What are we harvesting through our relationships, our expectations & our actions. Which of  the ‘bounty’ that has happened to us, for us or because of us do we want to cultivate, nurture & save? Are there any ‘unnecessary’ things that are not contributing to our happiness that we want to discard, trim or recycle? Have we prepared for our future success, inevitable abundance & coming prosperity?

If you are wanting to cultivate more happiness in your life but are unsure how to measure your yeild, maintain production standards & manage future propagation, contact me about my Life Coaching services. Having an objective & knowledgable field hand can make harvesting easier, quicker & more bountiful. Or consider a Tarot Card reading for a quick peek at what is to come.



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