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September Full Moon

Early in the morning of Thursday September 19, 2013 the Full Moon will rise in dreamy Pisces countered by the Sun in practical Virgo. This Moon comes just days before the Equinox (on September 22nd, 2013) when day & night, light & dark, have equal parts of the day. Any Full Moon is going to be a great time for finding balance but this one is particularly powerful with the boost from the Equinox.

You can read about the astrological influences that I wrote on before here but I want to emphasize the need for balance that is so critical in our modern times. Each of us is a unique individual with different requirements to find our sense of center; some need more organization, some need more sleep, some need more love and some need more of all three! But very few would say they need to increase stress, have longer work days or feel more overwhelmed. So here are some easy ways you can start finding more equilibrium in your life:

th-7~ Tune Out: The world will not end if you don’t have your phone in your hand. Seriously, it won’t even come close to ending. Try putting your phone away, turn it off & walk away. Start with just an hour or two at first & I guarantee you won’t regret it And your computer too while you are at it. Not only will the world NOT end, it will feel much less hectic for more then just those few stolen hours.

th-8~ Time With Someone You Love: When was the last time you spent quality time alone with no distractions or anyone else vying for your attention. Just you & your favorite person. Take a relaxing bath, write in your journal, go for a walk, meditate or take a nap. It doesn’t really matter how you spend your me-time, it just important that you spend time with yourself. It has to be time you are only devoting to yourself, don’t let other people into your mind, your room or your space during this time. This is only for you!

th-3~Trim, Trim, Trim: Instead of trying to completely eliminate the ‘bad’ influences in our life, rather then attempting a complete overhaul of the way you live, try making small adjustments for better results in the long run. Add in a little exercise, even a 20 minute walk can make a difference. Once you have established the 20 minutes as a routine once a week for a month or so, expand to twice a week. Gradually work your way into the lifestyle that you envision for yourself rather then trying to cram too much change into a short period of time. It will lead to more success & better sustainability.

th-2~ Tune In: I can’t say enough good things about meditation and there are plenty of articles about it’s benefits here, here, here, here and the list goes on. My one suggestion is to make it a regular appointment in your daily schedule. Just 10 minutes a day, every day, is more effective then an hour once a week. And it counts as Time with Someone You Love!

th~Thanks: Be grateful! You have so much in your life to be thankful for so make sure that you take the time to honor it. Gratitude is the Attitude for success, happiness & a more balanced life. For the next 30 days take the time each day to list out 3 (new) things that you are grateful for & you will find yourself being more positive, feeling more secure & accomplishing more in just one month.

As always, please contact me if you are looking for more assistance with finding balance, welcoming happiness into your life & living as the best possible you!


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