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Choices and Illusions

I find Choices and Illusions by Eldon Taylor to be a book full of grounded & practical information on how our mind works to effect our lives. We have all heard that positive thinking can help us accomplish our goals. This book talks about how exactly our mind works in that process as well as giving insights to the ways in which other people are effecting our thoughts & actions.

I greatly appreciate the rational & science based explanation for the mechanism of our consciousness & what is at work behind the idea of “think better… be better”. I have sometimes struggled to answer the why it works of some of the techniques that I use so effectively to manifest & create the life that I am living. Reading this book has given me a better understanding of that process.

Mr. Taylor is a proponent of using subliminal programing (he has developed his own technique called InnerTalk) to help you accomplish your goals. I do firmly believe that hypnosis & subliminal messaging are valid tools in creating change in your life & though I have no direct experience with Eldon Taylor’s programs, I would certainly encourage you to investigate further if you feel it resonating with you. However there is so much great information in Choices and Illusions it’s worth reading even if you are not interested in employing any of his specific techniques.

I am a strong believer that knowledge is power & this book has a wealth of information about a critical part of your being…. your mind. There is a quote from the conclusion of Choices and Illusions that sums it up for me the best:

               Enlightenment or empowerment, call it what you will, is only possible when you comprehend fully the power of your mind.

For those of us on the path towards enlightenment or seeking empowerment in our lives, understanding the tools we are working with is essential. We are unfortunately not given instructions on how being a human works when we enter this world but Eldon Taylor has provided great & critical information in his book. Once we understand the tools we have at our disposal (our grand & powerful mind being the most useful) we are better equipped to find the life we seek.




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