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Full Aries Moon Eclipse

This Friday October 18th, 2013 the Full Aries Moon will rise counterbalanced by the Sun in Libra & shadowed briefly by a Lunar Eclipse. A Full Moon brings things to the surface, especially emotions. An eclipse encourages dramatic & dynamic change. This mix makes for a very intense combination & many of us are feeling the influences of this volatile cosmic cocktail already. What is it the Moon is asking you to say?

sketch by Nathan Jalani Taylor

As social Libra focuses on relationships, community & partnerships, independent Aries demands that we do for ourself & forge our own way. This Moon illuminates the simmering tension separating “you” and “me” as it intensifies the battle between the need for companionship & the need for independence. There may be a feeling of reaching a boiling point in our relationships & many of us will feel driven to make drastic changes as the Lunar energy intensifies towards the eclipse late on Friday with lingering effects through the weekend.

sketch by Nathan Jalani Taylor

Many of us are going to feel compelled to express & declare ourselves but we may feel some confusion about what exactly we need more of, space or intimacy. The lucky ones will merely feel uncertain of how to obtain that which they seek. Don’t succumb to the impulsive energy abounding now which may bring you to loudly make demands in your haste to clear the air. Take some time to organize your thoughts & figure out the most healthy & respectful way to express the feelings that are rumbling around inside you. The time is ripe to speak your mind but be sure to allow others to express themselves as well so that you might find common ground.


sketch by Nathan Jalani Taylor

If you find yourself feeling intensely emotional or like you are out of control, please know that this is merely the Moon calling your name. You are not going crazy, nor is the lunacy permanent. There is an incredible amount of energy at your disposal for those of you that wish to create lasting & dynamic change in your life, the time is now!





Libra: Balance & Justice
by Nathan Jalani Taylor

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